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Sanjib Bhuyan

Sanjib Bhuyan, Associate Professor

Areas of Interest: Economics of food markets and marketing systems. This includes but is not limited to the analysis of the industrial organization of the food systems, marketing of food and agricultural products, including cooperatives and producer behavior, and analysis of consumer behavior.
Personal Website: http://aesop.rutgers.edu/~bhuyan

Phone: (848) 932-9123

Robin Brumfield

Robin Brumfield, Extension Specialist

Areas of Interest: Farm Management, Cost Accounting, Greenhouse Economics, Cost of Production, Horticultural Marketing

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Farm Mgnt. Web Site: http://aesop.rutgers.edu/~farmmgmt
Phone: (848) 932-9130

Michael J. Camasso, Professor

Areas of Interest: Social and human capital development, transitions
to self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship, cultural economics and returns to human capital investment.

Phone: (848) 932-9129


Donn Derr

Donn A. Derr, (Retired) Associate Professor

Areas of Interest: Public policy, food waste recycling, current use taxation, human dimensions of deer management, and demographic trends and their impact
on natural resources.

Phone: (848) 932-9193


Paul Gottlieb

Paul D. Gottlieb, Associate Professor
Extension Specialist

Areas of Interest: Land use and economic development
Personal web site: http://pgottlieb.rutgers.edu
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Phone: (848) 932-9122


Ramu Govindasamy

Ramu Govindasamy, Professor and Chair

Areas of Interest: Marketing
Ag Marketing Publications web site: Http://dafre.rutgers.edu/documents/ramu/agmkt.htm
Phone: (848) 932-9192



Gal Hochman

Gal Hochman, Associate Professor

Areas of Interest: International trade agreements, economics of renewable
energy, political economy of renewable energy, and regulating greenhouse
gas emissions and land allocation.

Phone: (848) 932-9142



Dr. Yanhong Jin


Yanhong Jin, Associate Professor

Areas of Interest: Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Food Safety, Marketing, Biosecurity, Environmental and Resource Economics
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Personal web site: http://yjin.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 932-9139



Barbara O'Neill

Anwar Naseem, Associate Research Professor

Areas of Interest: economics of science and technology, with special interest in understanding the impact and regulation of agricultural biotechnology, intellectual property rights, and science policy in developing countries.
Phone: (848) 932-9125
E-mail: naseem@aesop[dot] rutgers [dot] edu


Barbara O'Neill

Barbara O'Neill, Professor II
Specialist in Financial Resource Management

Areas of Interest: financial planning, health finance, and impact evaluation of financial education programs
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Phone: (848) 932-9126


Carl Pray

Carl Pray, Professor II

Areas of Interest: Science and technology policy with specific interests
in biotechnology applied to agriculture, food and biofuels; Food and agricultural policy; Economic development and poverty reduction in developing countries.
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Phone: (848) 932-9121

Brian Schilling

Brian Schilling, Associate Professor

Areas of Interest: Farm viability and agricultural economic development at the urban-rural fringe; farmland preservation; agritourism; and food system security.

Personal Web site:

Phone: (848) 932-9127

Edmund M. Tavernier

Edmund M. Tavernier, Professor

Areas of Interest: focuses on agricultural policy issues particularly trade
policy and issues that inform land use policy at the rural/urban fringe.

Phone: (848) 932-9132



Dr. Vellangany

Isaac Vellangany, Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest: Microeconomics, public policy toward food Industry, food
safety and health policy, and application of mathematics to agricultural economics.

Phone: (848) 932-9131


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